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    Operation Torpedo Op and Other Dark Web Investigations

    The dark web, also known as the deep web, is simply the web content that exists on hidden servers on the Internet but requires special configuration, software, or permission to access. Unlike the "real" world where everything can be found in a few square miles, the dark web consists of many interconnected routers and tunneling techniques, which are difficult to infiltrate or detect. Accessing the dark web usually involves establishing an account with one of many websites offering anonymous browsing functionality. Once you've established an account, you are able to browse freely through the many [url=https://darkweb.link/]dark web sites[/url] that offer different types of data and services. While this is done entirely within the confines of the dark web, it's still easy to discover what you're doing online, and you can get caught up in legal trouble for having visited a dark web site you were not expecting.

    In the past, the Feds had trouble tracking down people who used the dark web for criminal activities, such as child pornography. However, in recent months, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been upgrading its dark web investigations, targeting both domestic and international hackers and pedophiles. In May of 2021, the FBI arrested five men who authorities said were involved in an international ring that stole financial information from banks and other institutions. Among the five men arrested were a Canadian man who was the head of a hacking company, as well as two Americans. According to the FBI, one of the men had participated in a program called Operation Winpack, which was designed to harvest banking information by capturing screenshots of web pages and email conversations.

    Federal investigators believe that the hackers were seeking information on how to bypass a particular type of security feature on bank computers. Other targets included defense industry information and defense contractor secrets. In August of last year, just before Halloween, the FBI arrested five suspects in what authorities called the Torpedo Op hacking ring. In all, there have been several other arrests made in connection to dark web activity. However, it is unclear what, if anything, the agency does with the massive amounts of data that can be found on the dark web.

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