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    What is the customer journey?

    The customer journey is the complete purchasing process that a customer must follow to make a purchase, from the generation of ideas to payment. The goal is to interact with customers at each stage and through all possible channels and mediums in order to better understand their desires and requirements, while identifying their recurring behaviors in order to generate better customer experiences.

    The principle of the customer journey / customer journey was initially created as an “outside-in” business management technique, with the aim of improving the customer experience and building a lasting relationship with it.

    A well-designed customer journey is reflected in how companies use a wide range of channels to communicate with their customers, using cross-channel interactions between digital tools and touchpoints at each stage of the process. customer life cycle.

    It's a proven fact: 86% of customers are ready to spend more on a product that offers a good customer experience.

    The customer journey plays a key role in developing positive experiences. These arise directly from the client's feelings and are therefore the perfect tool for solving their problems.

    It is crucial to constantly have customer feedback. It is by putting yourself in the customer's place that companies can both meet and exceed their expectations.

    chemsworth 2019-12-23 15:05

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